Tim Taylor Partner Computer Group Inc.

Williams Tower, 2800 Post Oak Boulevard, Houston TX 77056


Phone Number: +1 832-390-2432

Fax Number: +1 323-927-1884

Head Office Los Angeles


Fax Number: +1 213-943-3194

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The company is headquartered in Delaware - Employer Identification Number 35-2529786

TIM TAYLOR PARTNER COMPUTER GROUP ® - TTPCG ® - TTPCG dating agency ® - TTPCG dating services ® is a trademark of Partner Computer Marketing Ltd., Bracken Road No 51, Carlisle Offices, D18CV48 Dublin, Sandyford, Ireland

Management Team

Wendy Simen, Chairman and CEO

Tim Taylor, President and CEO

David McCandless, President

Dr. David Kennedy, Vice President

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